The Catch-up: EU ‘refusing to engage in Brexit talks’

What happened?

Michael Gove has blamed the EU for the current Brexit stalemate as hostilities between London and Brussels deepen. Mr Gove, who is in charge of no-deal planning, said he was “deeply saddened” by the EU’s refusal to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement. It follows reports from Brussels that EU officials had concluded Boris Johnson’s new Government had no intention of negotiating and that its “central scenario” was a no-deal break on October 31.

Is it really all the EU’s fault?

Boris Johnson has said he wants to negotiate a new Brexit deal, but has said he is not prepared to reopen talks unless the EU agrees to drop the controversial Irish backstop from the Brexit deal. This new red line puts the EU in an impossible position - they have insisted throughout the process that the backstop is necessary to prevent a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and cannot be removed.

According to the EU it is Mr Johnson who is refusing to budge. The European Commission confirmed president Jean-Claude Juncker told Mr Johnson his team are available for talks for the UK to “clarify” its position over the coming weeks. Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar said there was “room for talks and negotiations”, and repeated his invitation for Mr Johnson to visit Ireland, but stopped short of offering to reopen the Brexit deal.

Brussels now appears to be saying it is resigned to a no-deal Brexit, and puts the blame at the feet of Boris Johnson. Following a meeting last week between senior EU figures and Mr Johnson’s top EU adviser, one official reportedly told diplomats in the Belgian capital that Britain has no alternative to no-deal and “no intention to negotiate”.

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