From #bridalmakeupartist to #celebritymakeupartist : Arvind Love Kaur’s Impeccable Journey

Persistency! Passion! Perfection! It is what all takes to touch heights.

Arvind Kaur, a well-known celebrity makeup artist. With Star-Spangled fanatics, She have done the makeup of several celebrities so far. She often feel flooded with questions from her well-wishers, who frequently ask her about how her this curiosity turned into her passion? How Arvind Kaur bulge out as such a famed name?

So here, we are putting you forward towards her makeup journey that made what she is today!

Earlier Life and Qualification!

There’s a deep connection of Arvind Kaur with the world of cosmetics and beauty since her childhood days. she loved making canvas paintings, or you can say, she loved confining the pictures of my mind on canvas. Being artistic by nature, her passion for art is the real bedrock that made her so firm to become a makeup artist.

she loved doing makeup in her childhood and growing up days. her passion for it accelerated higher after my graduation. she have completed B.Sc degree in Fashion Designing. It was her first step towards my career in makeup sector.

Career and Success!

Usually, we hear about journeys of bigwigs which take years of years to build such influential positions in their respective fields. But in her case, for your surprise, it’s quite different.

As she have already told you, for success, you need, persistence, passion, and of course, perfection. By having all these three by my side, she have nailed it within two years, (unbelievable for many J).

But, that’s the which might take time for you to gulp in. After her graduation, she started looking ahead for opportunities in the beauty industry, and in 2017, she got that golden chance of opening her own makeup business.

In these two years, she have been through a plethora of peaks & troughs.she have learned so much from her two years experience that she can proudly say today; nothing can beat her in the makeup world.

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Your wonder will escalate high after knowing that she got uncountable opportunities of doing the makeup of notable personalities. And here she is taking about leading Bollywood celebrities and Film Stars.she have done the makeup of Urvashi Rautela, Sana Khan, Ihana Dhillon, Kainaat Arora and many others. The list is too long, frankly.

It looks so easy to hear that she is a celebrity makeup artist, but how tough the job is, is always overlooked. To bestow with consistent performance in the whole movie of those actresses is a point to underscore. It’s not as easy as pie. A lot of labor, practice, presence of mind, client specifications, and even entire cosmos needs to be handled in the way required. Only after that, a makeup artist can deliver the best performance and make the whole thing happen.

And, this was the aftermath of her intense hard & smart work that Malaika Arora honored her as ‘Best Bridal Makeup Artist’ in 2019. And getting appreciation from notable personalities, is not child’s play. But I did it, with the grace of God and passion for her work.

Makeup Academy

She is successfully running a makeup academy today that is enlightening the career tread of youngsters. It is giving them a big hope of having a well-established makeup career in the future. The academy makes you versed in all makeup tricks and tactics that you require for sure.

Her efforts remain in keeping the natural beauty of a person intact, besides giving an incredible transformation to her looks.