British Airways passenger shocked by ‘absolute joke’ of a breakfast on Miami flight

Helen Coffey

A British Airways passenger was so dismayed by his underwhelming breakfast on a flight to Miami that he’s vowed to never use the airline again.

Andrew Hedge was served a “very dry bun with a random layer of cream cheese on it”, which he described as “disgraceful”, during a £1,200 flight from Heathrow to the Florida city last summer.

The 49-year-old businessman told The Mirror: “I was absolutely shocked about the poor presentation and quality of the so-called breakfast considering this was not a cheap ticket.”

He added that the breakfast, which included a small pot of fat free yogurt and a “starchy” cereal bar alongside the roll was “an absolute joke”.

Hedge is a BA Executive Gold Member and had paid more to fly World Traveller Plus, the airline’s version of premium economy.

He accused the UK flag carrier’s standards of declining over the last five years and said that he will “100 per cent not be flying BA anymore” as a result.

A British Airways spokesperson told The Independent they are in contact with the passenger and apologised “that our standards fell below their expectation on this occasion”.

They added: “We recently launched a multi-million pound investment programme into our World Traveller Plus cabin and catering.

“Since February we have introduced a new and improved dining experience for customers travelling in the cabin, including wider choice and a more substantial second meal later in the flight.”

Hedge is the latest in a spate of passengers to complain about inferior inflight dining.

Last month, an Emirates passenger was left “frustrated and angry” after being served a disappointing Cajun chicken sandwich on a flight to Dubai.

Paul Carlin was so surprised by the lacklustre meal, described as a Cajun chicken and cheese sandwich on a multiseed roll, that he took a picture of the offending item.

The image shows a roll with a square of what looks like processed cheese, with a very small piece of chicken in the middle of the sandwich.

Worst still, Air India passenger Rohit Raj Singh Chauhan recently found a cockroach in his inflight meal.

“I informed the Air India crew, but they ignored me,“ he told The Times of India. “Since the crew members were not listening, I returned it to them.

“I even objected to their serving food to others, but to no avail.”

Air India has since apologised for the incident.