British Fashion Awards 2019: Rita Ora Dazzles In Flaming Eye Make-up

Monika Khajuria

We still aren't over the sensation that the British Fashion Awards 2019 was. With all the huge stars in attendance, there was a lot to look for when it comes to beauty and fashion inspiration. And then there was a look that held our attention for more than a few seconds and that look was the flaming and glittery eye make-up look of the talented British singer, Rita Ora.

Her base make-up was the basic dewy make-up with blushed up cheeks and highlighted high points of the face. Her lip shade was a pretty pink. But, the real hero of the look was the eye make-up.

What was also interesting about her eye make-up was she sported different designs on both her eyes. We sure do love the creativity of the make-up artist. A glittery turquoise eyeshadow was used to create thick flaming designs.

On her right eye was the design that almost resembled a flame or the wing of a bird. Starting from the inner corner of her eye the design up to her hairline fro just under her eyebrow. Then it was drawn back to the outer corner of her eye, taken up and down finally finishing at the middle of her lower lash line.

As for her left eye, it was a round shape that surrounded her eye and ended up in a winged form just at the beginning of her left eyebrow. The design started from the middle of the lower lash line, went to circle the outer corned of the eye, traced along the eyebrow and finally winged around the beginning of the eyebrow. Finally, the eyes were framed with a pair of dramatic false eyelashes.

So, that was all about her sizzling look. Did you like her look? Tell us in the comment section below.

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