British Man Breaks Penis Vertically During Sex, Becomes First to Sustain Odd Injury

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London, July 3: A 40-year-old man in Britain has become the first person in medical history to have broken his penis vertically during sex. The man's penis had buckled against his partner's perineum, or the area between the genitals and the anus, in the middle of sex, leaving him with the odd injury. He has now fully recovered. The first of its kind case related to broken penis in the medical history was reported in the British Medical Journal. British Man Breaks Penis Vertically During Sex, Becomes First to Sustain Odd Injury.

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Despite sustaining the painful injury on his penis, the man many of the symptoms of a classic penile fracture, according to the case study. He neither heard a loud popping when it happened, nor did he develop a "rolling" sign, which is when the skin of the penis can be rolled over a large bruise that forms on it. There was moderate swelling on his penis and he lost erection gradually and not immediately. Zimbabwe: Teenager Kills Man Who Demanded Sex and Flashed His Penis at Her.

Doctors conducted an MRI and the surgeon was able to target his exploration, confirming that indeed there was a 3 cm vertical tear, rather than a horizontal tear which is more common. The man's penis was operated and he has fully recovered. He also resumed sexual activity within 6 months of the injury. He started having erections of the same quality to those prior to the injury, the case study said.

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Lead author Sam Hughes, a urologist and surgeon based in York, England, told Gizmodo that there could be consequences if people won't treat penile fracture as urgent health problem. "We need to get them (patient with broken penis) to an operating room quite quickly, usually within six hours," he added.

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