Britney Spears' lawyer to file petition requesting to make singer's temporary conservator permanent

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Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Washington [US], March 18 (ANI): American singer-songwriter Britney Spears's attorney is planning to file a petition in the court to make her temporary conservator and care manager Jodi Montgomery, a permanent conservator after the singer's father Jamie stepped down from his role due to health issues.

According to Fox News, the singer's father Jamie stepped down from his role as Spear's personal conservator in 2019 due to health issues and her care manager, Montgomery, temporarily replaced him.

Now the Grammy-winning star along with her attorney is planning to file a petition requesting Montgomery to appoint as the singer's permanent conservator. The request will be presented in court on April 27 this year.

While Jamie has stepped down as a conservator, he still oversees Spear's estate with Bessemer Trust at present.

Fox News reported that Wednesday's accounting hearing was set to see the superstar's co-conservators of her estate, Jamie and new party Bessemer Trust to detail Spears' finances to the court.

However, the consultation was preceded to the April date of hearing as the parties work to decide a precise rundown of resources and holdings and where the finances were spent.

David Glass, a professional family law attorney and PhD in Clinical Psychology gave his opinions and future aspects to Fox News and weighed in on Wednesday's proceedings surrounding the petition, which he said, could be the first real step to dissolving the collective conservatorship altogether.

"Right now, the conservators of the estate and the financial matters are Jamie and this Bessemer Trust. And so now he's asking for this Jodi Montgomery to become the permanent conservator of the person," Glass told the outlet minutes after the hearing concluded.

Glass called the potential move a big step up for Montgomery, who had stepped into the primary role of conservator in 2019 on a temporary basis.

He described the role of a care manager and said that it is a person who just makes personal decisions for medical treatment and whether the star needs bodyguards. All sorts of the stated decisions except money issues for a concerned person are taken by a care manager.

Glass added that the transition to elevate Montgomery gives off an impression of being the most reasonable action considering the fact that she is as of now Spears' care manager, a position that is one step below the conservator.

"The care person collects information on the conservative's health and their medical records and what their doctors say and then summarizes that information and gives it to the conservatory. So in that sense, it's a step up for Ms Montgomery," Glass added.

On the contrary, the attorney also alerted that Spear's father Jamie will also have an opportunity to object to the petition to appoint Montgomery as the primary conservator as well.

"It's rare that a probate court will rule just based on the papers. They almost always go to some sort of evidentiary objection, evidentiary hearing," he continued.

The songstress' father Jamie has been the target of the #FreeBritney movement since the consideration was set on the artist following the release of her documentary 'Framing Britney Spears'.

As per Fox News, at present, the conservatorship gives Jamie control on the star's domain. However, Spears recently began finding lawful steps to recover agency over her life. (ANI)