'Broken But Beautiful-3' teaser: Sidharth Shukla's Agastya mirrors Kabir Singh

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14 May 2021: 'Broken But Beautiful-3' teaser: Sidharth Shukla's Agastya mirrors Kabir Singh

ALTBalaji is back with the third season of Broken But Beautiful, and this time we have new leads in the form of Sidharth Shukla (Agastya), the current Internet's favorite, and Sonia Rathee (Rumi).

This marks Shukla's entry into the OTT format.

Dropping the teaser on Friday, makers gave us a glimpse into the dramatic world of the pair.

Here's a breakdown of the same.

Teaser: The heartbroken lovers ponder upon the real meaning of it

The clip opens with Shukla and Rathee drinking and smoking their sorrows away, much like what we have seen in Kabir Singh.

It gets established immediately that the characters are heartbroken, as they ponder upon the real meaning of love.

Agastya says, "Love is a glamorized four-letter word for self-inflicted pain," while Rumi realizes, "what you may want may not be what you need."

Fact: 'Obsession never ends, it shifts'

Characters: Agastya is described as 'fiery, passionate'. Rumi is 'rich, privileged'

Midway into the teaser, we get a glimpse of the happy couple that Agastya and Rumi once were.

Certain scenes depict a drama being staged and a changing room, suggesting their love had blossomed in the backdrop of a performance.

As per the character posters released earlier, we got to know that Rumi is "rich and privileged," while Agastya is "fiery, passionate and willful."

Expectation: The third season to bear the toxic relationship flag ahead?

Announcing the teaser, the official Twitter handle of ALTBalaji asked the audience to watch out for a trailer soon.

Keeping in tune with the series, the caption to the third season teaser reads, "Obsession never ends, it shifts. Rumi and Agastya's story is also something like this."

Or in layman's terms, another toxic relationship under the wrap of heightened drama awaits us!

Details: Shukla's admirers are impressed, gushing about their favorite star online

We will have to see if Broken But Beautiful 3 manages to give us something rewarding, when it premieres on ALTBalaji on May 29.

But Shukla's admirers are already impressed and are gushing about their favorite star online.

The ex-Bigg Boss winner was "killing it" as per a Twitter user.

"Sidharth you are love, I can drool over you all my life," wrote another.

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