'Broken But Beautiful': A brilliant jukebox, many melodious original tracks

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29 May 2021: 'Broken But Beautiful': A brilliant jukebox, many melodious original tracks

Broken But Beautiful 3 is now streaming on ALTBalaji. The romantic-drama series, starring Sidharth Shukla and debutant Sonia Rathee, deals with relationships and love. The franchise, whose first two seasons were a huge hit, gained popularity not just for its story and characters, but also for its songs, all of which were melodious and original. Here's ranking the best and worst of BBB music.

#1: 'O Saajna': Akhil Sachdeva's soulful track wins your heart

Out of all the 12-13 tracks from the three seasons, O Saajna from Season 2 become an instant favorite. The song written, composed and sung by Punjabi music sensation Akhil Sachdeva, is the most soulful and moving track of the series. The pain of unrequited love and longing is beautifully expressed in the words, as well as the music, which you will resonate with.

#2: 'Laute Nahi': Papon's magical voice will refresh many old memories

Laute Nahi from Season 1 sung by Papon, combines soft, somber and romantic vibe with the rush of rock beats. Yash Navrekar has done a phenomenal job in composing this track, which will take you down the memory lane and remind you of the 'one that got away'. The lyrics are meaningful and go hand-in-hand with the fusion tunes to evoke nostalgia and pain.

#3: 'Kya Kiya Hai Tune': The feeling of falling in love

BBB can do justice to happy songs as well. This was proved by the latest season's Kya Kiya Hai Tune. The song that chronicles how two strangers fall in love is composed by Amaal Malik. It reminds you of those butterflies in the stomach you get in the process. But the tune seems stale, and you would feel you've heard it somewhere before.

#4: 'Shaamein': Sounds very generic and repetitive

Shaamein, a Season 2 song, is a little disappointing to me, looking at the rest of the stellar jukebox. As soon as I started listening to it, even before reading the description, I knew it had to be an Amaal and Armaan Malik collaboration. The tune, composition and even the music arrangement is done and dusted, with no novelty. It definitely needed some freshness.

Verdict: Not sure about the show, but the music definitely works

Even though I have my reservations about the show, the music works a 100%. The makers have tried to incorporate various stages of love through the soulful renditions, which is commendable. Other honorable mentions include Season 3's Mere Liye by Sachdeva, Yeh Kya hua by Shreya Ghoshal and Season 2's Boureya. If you ignore the formulaic tunes, the music mostly is a hit.

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