Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo's sci-fi actioner 'Cosmic Sin' trailer released

Shubham Dasgupta
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Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo
Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo

07 Feb 2021: Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo's sci-fi actioner 'Cosmic Sin' trailer released

Action movies and Bruce Willis go hand in hand, and that is what Cosmic Sin is here to deliver with its first official trailer.

The sci-fi actioner stars Willis, Frank Grillo, and WWE superstar Lana, who is featured in the movie with her real name CJ Perry.

The trailer focuses mainly on Willis and Grillo, while Perry is shown only once firing a gun.

The start: Year is 2524, we see Willis in a vintage bar

Let's get on with the trailer.

The year is 2524, and we see an unsuspecting hi-tech air vessel blast into the neon skyline of a city.

And, there appears to be a vintage bar where one can change the performers by switching between hologram projections.

We then see Bruce Willis get in and order his drink, but there's always someone to pester.

Action starts: Willis's character James Ford tumbles pestering guy down

One blonde guy apparently tries to poke fun at Willis, who goes by the name James Ford, a retired military general.

But he's found messing with the wrong guy, as Ford gulps his shot down to twist that prick's arms and throw him over the counter.

Once Willis and the audience are satisfied with the show, shady people ask for his "inimitable counsel."

Plotline: Ford will lead elite human soldiers against aliens

Willis is reinstated into the top echelons of the force to lead a group of elite soldiers planning to invade a planet teeming with alien troops.

Grillo sounds more like Tony Stark than himself as he talks about taking the fight to them rather than waiting for them to attack mankind.

This follows Grillo's character of General Eron Ryle informing about the first alien contact.

Giveaways: We could only hear the aliens, who sound like Predators

Quite hilariously, the aliens sound like Predators.

But the incident happens 400 years after humans started colonizing other planets, so the trailer shows soldiers in spacesuits believably flying in gravity-less space.

Ford even faces bullies from new-generation fighters as he recalls how their tasks are easy but living with it is tough.

The film releases in theaters and digital and on-demand formats on March 12.