Bruce Willis refuses to wear mask, store authorities say 'leave'

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Bruce Willis refuses to wear mask, store authorities say
Bruce Willis refuses to wear mask, store authorities say

14 Jan 2021: Bruce Willis refuses to wear mask, store authorities say 'leave'

It's really unfortunate when actors you idolize cut a sorry figure publicly.

Bruce Willis, who takes care of his enemies through guns blazing and all on-screen, was left embarrassed when he was asked to leave a store.

His mistake? He apparently ignored the recent safety protocols in place and tried to enter the Los Angeles shop without a mask.

Now, that's pretty irresponsible!

Reaction: Willis, once asked to go away, didn't react violently

As per Page Six, Willis went inside a Los Angeles Rite Aid, but refused to wear a mask.

The authorities of the pharmacy didn't care that Willis was a celebrity and weighed in on the immediate risk that a mask-less person as him may be a carrier of the coronavirus.

Consequently, they asked him to leave the facility immediately.

Thankfully, he didn't react violently.

Details: He had his bandana, but still left store without mask

The Miami Vice actor left the store without buying any product though he had his cart full.

What was more disappointing was the fact that he was wearing a bandana around his neck, which he easily could have pulled up and covered his mouth and nose immediately, thus obeying COVID-19 safety norms, but he didn't.

Thereafter, he was photographed walking away, mask-less.

Admission: The star later accepted his mistake, said 'error in judgment'

The 65-year-old later admitted to his mistake while speaking to an international magazine.

He called the incident "an error in judgment," and later urged his fans to "mask up" and stay safe.

For the record, LA hospitals are at 0% capacity when it comes to treating coronavirus patients.

Currently recording 10,000 deaths per month, it has now become California's epicenter of the pandemic.

Fan theory: 'Die hard' reboot? Imagine replacing Willis with Charlize Theron

As an actor, Willis has done many films, but is best known for Die Hard franchise.

Last year, there was a buzz online about having action diva Charlize Theron replace him in a Die Hard reboot re-imagination.

The actress stoked that hype by sharing one such fan theory and tweeted, "Where do I sign."

Archer actress Aisha Tyler added, "Where do I cosign."

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