Bruna Abdullah Shares Her Water Birth Story By Posting A Picture Straight From The Delivery Room (

img src=""pWe are women and that is our biggest superpower! The ability to nurture a living being inside of you for about 9 months and giving it birth, is one of the most magical tasks that a woman performs. Have you realised the amount of pain and changes a woman goes through during her entire pregnancy phase until childbirth? It is indeed an uphill task, but all thanks to our favourite celebs like Bruna Abdullah, who make pregnancy and childbirth seem like an easy-breezy task. (strongDo Read:nbsp;a href="" target="_blank"Kareena Kapoor Khan Reveals Why She And Saif Ali Khan Would Send Taimur Ali Khan To Boarding School/a/strong)/p

pIt was on July 2018, when thenbsp;emSubah Hone Naa De/em star, Bruna Abdullah had shared a mesmerising video of her boyfriend, AI, proposing her and she, bursting into tears. Almost a year later, on May 2019, Bruna had shared a piece of super-happy news with everyone that she is 5-months-pregnant. And later, on August 31, 2019, Bruna had tasted motherhood by giving birth to her adorable daughter, whom they named #39;Isabella#39;. Sharing a close-up of their little one, the newbie mommy had written on September 01, 2019, ldquo;I am so proud and excited to introduce the newest member of our family, Isabella. She was born on the 31st of August in Mumbai! We are doing great! I canrsquo;t stop drooling over her.rdquo;/p

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pBruna Abdullah had shared time and again in interviews that she wanted a water birth for her teeny-weeny munchkin. And thus, the 32-year-old newbie mommy took to Instagram and sharing a picture straight out of the pool from her childrsquo;s water birth, penned, ldquo;My Birth Story: Even before I was pregnant I knew I would have a water birth! I wanted the birth of my baby to be as gentle as possible and without any drugs, I hated the idea of having to deal with the side effects of all the medication they would give me at the hospital. I imagined a calm and soothing environment, where I could wait for my baby to arrive, surrounded only by the people that made me feel good and excited about that moment. I was lucky enough to have had all that!rdquo;/p


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pBruna Abdullahrsquo;s post further continued, ldquo;I had my baby in a warm water pool, my husband, my mother, my doctor and my doula were there with me. I prepared myself for that day, I worked out regularly, I ate a very well balanced diet, I meditated and visualised every single detail. I wanted to deliver my baby on a Saturday, I wanted the labour to be no longer than 4 hours, I wanted to deliver my baby in the pool, and I wanted to do it drug-free! I got all of that!rdquo; (strongMust Read:nbsp;a href="" target="_blank"Angad Bedi Opens Up On Keeping Daughter, Mehr Away From Paparazzi, Says #39;A Child Should Be A Child#39;/a/strong)/p

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pBruna Abdullahrsquo;s post had concluded with, ldquo;I also asked for it to be pain-free but that wasnrsquo;t really what happened!! Saying that, I feel like a superhero, kind of invincible, now I feel like I can do anything... it was important to me to be fully in control, awake, for the arrival of my baby. I wanted nature to do its job! It was magical, I had no idea that I was so strong, I felt everything with so much intensity, her descent, the contractions.. that as soon as it was over, the only thing I could feel was love and pure happiness! The pain vanished, I recovered in minutes, and I was able to enjoy her from the very first minute! She was awake and alert! Calm and beautiful! She is my everything, thank you @alfromscotland for giving me the best gift one could ever ask for. #forisabellatoread #waterbirth #hypnobirthing #womenpower.rdquo;/p

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pIn a throwback interview with the Bombay Times, Bruna had talked about the reaction that she had received from her and her beaursquo;s families, after hearing the news of her pregnancy. She had then revealed, ldquo;Our baby is growing well and healthy. Our families were over the moon when we shared the news with them. My mother has waited her whole life for this day. I think this is the most beautiful surprise of our lives. The baby is 22 weeks old and we are waiting with bated breath for him/her to arrive. Allan and I are grateful and ready for parenthood. We are settled and have everything we would need. Irsquo;m excited and very happy.quot; (strongAlso Read:nbsp;a href="" target="_blank"Mira Rajput Kapoor Shares A Cute Collage With Daughter, Misha Kapoor On Daughter#39;s Day/a/strong)/p

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pBruna Abdullah had also talked about planning her delivery. She had shared, ldquo;I always knew that if I had a baby, I would go for water birthing. I love water and the thought of being in a warm pool, feeling relaxed and waiting for my baby, is the best thing I can ask for.quot;/p

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pIsnrsquo;t it a terrific birth story? Keep us posted!/p

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