BSB splitting? Bandmates Brian, Kevin's political disagreement fuels rift rumors

Shubham Dasgupta
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BSB splitting? Bandmates Brian, Kevin
BSB splitting? Bandmates Brian, Kevin

16 Jan 2021: BSB splitting? Bandmates Brian, Kevin's political disagreement fuels rift rumors

Brian Littrell, one part of the most popular pop boy band of the '90s, Backstreet Boys, has earned himself a controversy.

A supporter of outgoing US President Donald Trump, Brian recently tweeted, "Join me on Parler (the far-right social media platform) Social Media!"

This happened just after Trump was banned by Twitter for his alleged role in the shockingly violent Capitol Hill riots.

Backdrop: After Brian's Parler push, cousin-bandmate Kevin took a dig

To recall, the Capitol riots took place on January 6 and it took the lives of five people.

So when Brian pushed for Parler, joking that the app is just like the game of Waldo, his cousin and bandmate, Kevin Richardson took an indirect dig at him.

He shared an article published in the Cosmopolitan titled I Lost a Best Friend to QAnon.

Observation: Kevin tweeted an article, gave ample hints of disagreement

Tweeting the article link, Kevin wrote, "Interesting read."

The write-up was about a person who lost their friend because the latter was a QAnon believer, driven by conspiracy theories.

Now, what's QAnon?

It's a group of conspiracy theorists with the belief that a cabal of Satan-worshipping cannibalistic pedophiles is behind a global child sex-trafficking ring. And, that the cabal is also plotting against Trump.

Context: QAnon thinks Trump, their hero, is fighting a child-trafficking network

The QAnon followers often accuse liberal Hollywood actors, Democrats, and high-ranking government officials of being members of the cabal.

They believe that Trump is their hero and is fighting this ominous network.

In their eyes, his crusade would result in the arrest and execution of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The appalling theory has no basis whatsoever but is believed by thousands actually.

Reaction: Kevin took another jab aiming at Brian's far-right support

During the Capitol riots, several QAnon supporters were also spotted.

While the first article hinted at QAnon, Kevin later shared another article titled The Unlikely Connection Between Wellness Influencers and the Pro-Trump rioters.

He used the same emojis in this tweet, too, and captioned it, "Another interesting read."

Despite this development sparking rumors of a rift, neither Brian nor Kevin gave any official statement.

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