BTS ARMYs Celebrate The 3rd Anniversary Of BTS Suga’s AgustD Mixtape!

manjari mukherjee

From #YoongiWeLoveYou to #KimNamjoon to celebrating BTS Suga’s AgustD mixtape’s 3rd anniversary, BTS ARMYs are loving their idol-band more than ever!

Seems like no one can get enough of BTS aka Bangtan Sonyeondan, not ARMYs nor us. From the time they’ve announced their extended period of rest for next 2 months, before they get on stage for the remaining concerts of Speak Yourself Tour, BTS is still being showered with tremendous love from ARMYs all around the world!

Well, it isn’t like they don’t very well deserve it, however, it is endearing to see ARMYs trending them for every cutest thing like from supporting BTS Yoongi’s fluffy cheeks and weight to Kim Namjoon‘s handsomeness in the recently dropped pics from their Summer Package 2019, as the clicks viral all over the netspace!


Well, yesterday too, the world’s biggest and most strongest fandom trended the hashtags meant for the celebration of the 3rd Anniversary of AgustD mixtape, produced and created by Genius Min Suga! The mixtape is one of the biggest motivation and inspiration for many ARMYs, as the rapper-producer talks about depression, mental health, his career (debut days) and his struggles to get where he stands today!


When the mixtape was originally released by Suga, who’s other alias is AgustD, it had taken the ARMY fandom by a storm, leaving shook to the core with Yoongi’s fast rapping skills and absolutely hard-hitting lyrics.

Each and every song took our souls and made it bleed yet healing us from within! And, celebrating the very same album ARMYs trended #AugustD_3rd_anniversary worldwide! Truly, this fandom cannot be beaten by anyone, looking at how much they adore and love the seven members unconditionally!

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