BTS, Betrayals, And The Plot Twist Of The Century — Get Ready To Throw Hands

Kiona Rosh
·3-min read

You have been warned, whatever lies ahead contains a Run BTS spoiler so proceed with caution.
In the latest installment of Run BTS which is episode 121 the investigating skills of the members are put to test yet again as they have to solve another mystery on their hands. This time the mystery was quite difficult as the members had to find out between them who had destroyed the ARMY Headstone.

In this episode the OT7 we’re headed to the place where RM works and around which V and Junkook lived. There V and Junkook deciphering clues to the mystery person responsible for the destruction. From Namjoon’s mysterious watch being stuck at 7 o’clock to finding the ARMY headstone map and crucial information about it at Vin’s respective residences, the members were left more confused than ever before.

When the BTS headed back to the crime scene the footprint near the area of the crime matched those of Junkook’s slipper, which gave a lot of suspicious look on him. After examining all the facts the members then returned to the main room to decipher the clues and catch the criminal in their own loving game Mafia. In this game, the members had to play for the innocent or culprit sides. Jin as the detective in the case showed off the mastermind in him, as once again he was able to stay one step ahead of the culprits and saved innocent Yoongi twice. Nonetheless, J-Hope had to be terminated because Jin chose to save Joonie instead of Hobi.

In his further investigation, Jin was convinced that ChimChim, TaeTae, and Kookie conspired to break the ARMY headstone for different reasons. But in the very next moment, Jin accused Junkook to be guilty which had made Baby Moochi laugh out loud. In this situation, Junkook was cornered as RM had also blamed him for breaking the Headstone and being a very good actor. In the following moments, Junkook had the main joke of the episode which made everyone crack up as he was imitating Suga’s father Mr. Min. As we all know Junkook is a pro when it comes to mimicking others. He can mimic every one of the members and his favorite person to mimic is Suga. Little did we know he can also mimic Suga’s father. The moment had turned to be a burst of laughter all around when Suga confirmed Junkook sounded like his father.

Jin had a hunch that the crime that happened was not the doing of a single person. The culprit had a partner in crime. And everyone has a perfect alibi made it more difficult for Jin to catch the criminal. It all came down to the wire when It all came down to RM, Jungkook, and V. Two were guilty, one was innocent. All three had given the residents plenty of reasons to suspect them, but also reasons to trust them. In the further investigation Junkook and pushed some of RM’s buttons which exposed him in front of the group. And finally, the imposters were caught. Jin’s hunch of 2 imposters was right as the imposters were RM and V.

The best part about this plot twist is that V fooled ARMY twice. He had confessed to being the culprit before the episode aired, but many fans thought his “spoiler” was a trick!