From BTS, Crash Landing On You To Parasite: The Korean Hallyu Wave HITS India Harder Than Ever!

Kiona Rosh
·2-min read

The Korean drama “Crash Landing on You,” K-pop dazzling group BTS and the Oscar-winning film “Parasite” were among the top selects of the Korean Wave, or “Hallyu,” last year, which a government report showed on Thursday.

Among the total number of fans, 9.5 % of Hallyu fans chose the romance series “Crash Landing on You” as their favourite Korean drama, and on the second place is “It’s Okay Not to Be Okay” with 4.1% and “The World of the Married” ar 2.8% sits on third, according to a yearly survey conducted by the culture ministry and the Korean Foundation for International Culture Exchange.

When we talk about the singers in K-pop category, BTS rules chart with a stunning 22%, having BLACKPINK at 13.5% and “Gangnam Style” singer Psy at 2.9% coming behind. We can say that the rankings have not changed compared to last year but on thing is sure that the number of BTS and BLACKPINK fan who selected them as their favourite singers increased this year.

For Korean films, the epic black comedy “Parasite” sits at No. 1 with 18.4% votes and is followed by the thriller film “Train to Busan” which has 10.2%. The movie “Peninsula” which was released in 2020 made its first appearance being on the top three with 3.5%.

A yearly summary also shows us that Hallyu demand for Korean cultural was products during the pandemic. We can also say that the demand for K-drama K-pop and Korean movies has drastically increased during this era of increasing Ott platforms.

Talking about the overall data we received we can say dramas are the most popular Hallyu content having 29.7% fans stating they watch Korean dramas on regular basis. On the 2nd position are the Beauty products and videos with 27.5%, and at 3rd and 4th place are variety shows and fashion-related products having 26.9% and 24.8%, respectively.

The report later also mentioned about people having negative feeling over Hallyu which had a total of 24.4%, which is 2.2% lesser than the previous year. Almost 25.9% of the fans also felt like Hallyu was too commercial.

This particular report was compilation which was based information gathered from a survey with 8,500 Hallyu consumers across 18 countries, including China, Japan, Indonesia, the United States and Turkey. It was an online survey which happened between the months of September and November last year.