BTS’s Jungkook Created New Buying Crazy This 2021

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On January 12th, BangtanTV uploaded a new “Bangtan Bomb” where Jungkook’s personal items were revealed. ARMYs identified every single item present in Jungkook’s bags

Suga showed Jungkook’s pink pouch of perfumes. One of the fragrances from it was Forment‘s “Cotton Hug” and another one was The Parfum.

Since this bottle was blurred well, fans are still not sure which particular scent Jungkook wears.

According to Korean media outlets, Forment’s “Cotton Hug” rose became trendy since then and was sold out in no time on the brand’s official website.

Jungkook has already stocked up his supply because he might not be able to order a new bottle any time soon!