BTS Reacts To Jungkook’s Shirtless Push-Ups Scene.

Kiona Rosh
·1-min read

BTS boys reacting to their music video and other things they created is the most cutest and entertaining thing we have ever come across. There are many such videos in which they are reacting to many things out on youtube and that let’s face it most of us ARMY usually spend our night seeing these videos on it.

Their recent reaction video that we ARMY gang get to see is them reacting to Junkook’s shirtless Push-Ups scene. Earlier this year BTS had released their documentary film Break the Silence: The Movie. This documentary features the behind the scenes shot of their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour as the group traveled from country to country sharing their innermost thoughts to their fans. The BTS members reacted to themselves in this movie. One of the scenes in this movie shows us Junkook’s athletic shirtless body as he does pushups as a warm-up before his performance.

When this scene played, J-Hope was shocked over it with an “Ohhh!”, and several other members joined in. They were impressed by Jungkook’s strength and physique shown in that clip. This clip had wowed all of the ARMY.

On the other hand, Suga was bummed that he could not do that in this documentary but claims to do something like that in the next one.