BTS RUN: Jungkook Aced All The Games And BTS Brings Up V’s Embarrassing Past, Here Is V’s Reaction

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In the previous BTS RUN! episode BTS’s mission was to create their own content for a future episode of the show. But they choose to play 777 lucky seven and tennis.

In 126th episode they went through with their 777 lucky seven games where the members need to finish all the games. Whoever finishes all the games will be able to go home first.

The group maknae Jungkook totally aced all the games who was totally confused about the game.

What is this, are we supposed to keep doing it? This? How do you do this? Is this possible for one person? I want to do this!


All he was doing was watching and helping pick up the balls for J-Hope, but ended up succeeding with just three tries!

he looks over at Suga playing the card throw game and comes over only to succeed in just two tries!

Even he also won Stacking candy on straw!!

He is totally flexibly insane…. just wow!!

Although he was a bit annoyed at the bouncy ball challenge but he still managed to finish it.

He finished all the games in just 17 minutes which is just incredible!!

On the other hand, BTS bought up v’s hilarious past. In the 126th episode, V and J-Hope wore sequin T-shirts as a penalty for losing games.

When they reversed the sequins to reveal funny photos, V came face to face with an embarrassing moment he would rather forget.

Back in 2017, V took a photo of himself using a red glass filter. On June 6, 2017, V–who uses the name Vante for his photography and tweeted landscape photos from BTS’s Twitter account.

A few hours later, V accidentally included his selfie when he uploaded another Vante photograph.

V deleted and reuploaded the post, but it was too late! ARMYs had already seen it. V pleaded for fans to forget about the selfie and playfully denied being the person in the photo.

V said, “Please forget that last photo, I clicked the wrong thing It isn’t me.”

That person isn’t me~~ I am right here~~~ Oohahhh~~ Please don’t be disappointed~~~~ That was an app~~ A glasses app~~~~~~ Yeah~~~~~


He is now advising everyone to stay away from their phone galleries to avoid making the same mistake he made.

The rest of BTS quickly cheered V up by assuring him that the photo isn’t bad at all.