BTS’s Suga Answers The Highly Debated Questions Of Straws And Butts And Savagely Shuts The Debate Down

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Previously we have seen debates of TXT discussed if straws have two holes or one, and when GFRIEND debated about one vs. two butts. But this time BTS‘s Suga gave the question-answer savagely.

First up, butts. So while we’re still on the fence as to if we have one butt or two butts, Suga answer in his usual savage way, questioning “why is that important?”

He continued, “if you see it as one, it’s one, if you see it as two, it’s two. It’s different depending on how the person sees it.” Well said.

Next, as to the straw question, Suga answered in a similar fashion, claiming “if you see it as one, it’s one. If you see it as two, it’s two. As long as it’s not three.”