BTS’s Suga Joins Psy As The Second-Ever Korean Solo Artist To Bag A Pop Chart Hit

Kiona Rosh
·2-min read

For many years we have seen many Korean pop artists making a name on American Billboard charts In these couple of years, several names have started making evident impressions on the most important lists, such as the Billboard and Hot 100, as well as genre-specific records.
This week we have with us a South Korean pop artist who now appears on a Billboard radio ranking dedicated to the biggest pop musicians in the business, which now is a title that suits him as well.
Suga, mainly known for his work as a member of BTS, earns his first hit on Billboard’s Pop Songs chart. With this, the young man makes history among his countrymen.

Suga is a singer-songwriter who joined collaborator MAX on the track “Blueberry Eyes, ” in 2020. This track arrives at No. 40 on the 40-rung tally which ranks the cuts that reach the largest audience on several Top 40 radio stations across the U.S. Even though the tune isn’t yet a massive hit on the tally, appearing on itis a big success for Suga. Suga has made twice as much the number of South Korean solo musicians who have landed on the list at any point.
The only other Korean pop star on the list other than Suga is PSY who broke barriers with his world-dominating viral phenomenon “Gangnam Style.” That song, which helped millions of people know about the electronic pop music coming out of the Asian nation at the start of this preceding decade, once lifted to No. 10 on the ranking.

Gangnam Style” still sits as the highest-ranking track among solos in Pop Songs history. Just one other single BTS’s “Dynamite” has lifted to No. 5 earlier this year.
Surely in the future, Psy and Suga are joined by other South Korean solo musicians, but for the moment, the two sit alone in this very special, very exclusive league.