BTS Suga On Ranking Billboard Hot 100:& Grammys: it’s incredible to be ranked first, but there’s also this sense of, “Okay, and?”

Kiona Rosh
·2-min read

Astonishingly overnight, K-pop band BTS took the world by storm. However, for those who followed the group since their debut in 2013, it’s been a long journey. Their adoring fan base, the BTS ARMY, helped the group rise to international fame and straight into the history books. BTS & BTS ARMY witnessed many historic achievements for the band and the K-pop genre but the most major ones were the Billboard hot 100 and the Grammy’s!

Especially talking about Suga it’s his dream to win the Grammy’s as he explains how he felt about the nominations for the award.

I’m amazed personally. I’ve had the chance to meet the members before your debut, but from your way of talking with members or others, it seems you haven’t changed.
SUGA: I think it’s because we don’t give it a big deal about success. For example, it’s incredible to be ranked first on the Billboards, but there’s also this sense of, “Okay, and?”

Even the Grammys? (Laughs)
SUGA: When we got nominated for the Grammy Awards, we thought, ‘Is this real,?’ (Laughs) Of course, we were delighted, but it didn’t make us think, ‘We’re singers nominated for the Grammy.’ If you’re nominated, you’re nominated, and if you get the award, you get the award. You don’t get shaken by that. I know it’s a great award and would be so grateful if we receive it, but we know that nothing is possible without the tremendous support of our fans. What’s more important is that the fans are more flattered than us when we receive a great award. So everyone’s rejoicing, but it’s like, ‘Let’s do what we have to do.’ We’ve been training ourselves to keep finding our places, so no one remains overexcited.

A Grammy is a goal shared by the whole group but the “okay, and?” makes it pretty clear that the boys are irrepressible and are in for more wins in the future.