BTS Is The New Universal Language Of Music And Love! Here’s Why:

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Today, South Korean boyband, BTS aka Bangtan Sonyeondan has made history yet again:

From BBMAs to AMAs to several international accolades and national honours to being hailed as the representative of youth around the world and K-Pop culture to lastly, making it to the Grammys, for all the deserving reasons.

But what are these reasons, why is it that this one group seven have managed to shake the very core of western land of music, simultaneously creating a demand for a single culture being K-Pop! At the end of the day, it is after all Korean and not English that can be understood on the go!

BTS, is a group of seven boys absolutely different in persona, yet sharing the same goals of spreading love across the world through their love for music, healing people and their hearts as they go around making history! The biggest example of this unity and unparalleled love is their very own fandom called ‘ARMYs’- rightfully deemed as the most powerful fandom and the wings of their beloved idols.

No matter where they individually belong to, they shall all come forward to support their Idols and their music to show the world a new change and be that very change! This shows this Korean act is that one, who’re capable enough to change the world’s order, to prove the very fact that music binds people more than language, religion or for that matter one’s sexuality/gender.

From their earliest songs like No More Dream that talks about aggression and criticism prevalent in the society at large, something that changes and shapes our outlook as well; to N.O, a song that talks about breaking these very notions, perceptions and for freedom of thought, opinions and beliefs.

On the other hand, the most iconic song of BTS, that’s practically deemed as their turning point in their music career is I Need You from their album series ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life’, talks about hurt and survival of the youth, their trials and tribulations from financial incompetency to any kinds of abuse to mental health (something that we still don’t feel comfortable in talking about). This song has most resonated with the youth and their emotions.

Next to come is their album series that paved their way towards global domination over the musical arena, titled as the ‘Love Yourself’ series consisting of three- Her, Tear and Answer! This whole album talked about multiple aspects of the most beautiful emotion ‘love’; where it goes from expressing first love, a bubblegum effect in DNA. To Fake Love talking of heartbreak and loss of self identity in love.

However, the heart stealer of this series comes from ‘Answer’ series, as each song represents the message of loving oneself truly, passionately and unconditionally without any checkbacks. While their titled song ‘Idol’ is all brash and straightforward, largely focused on their celebrity lifestyle. Their song ‘Answer’ is soft and introspective about any person’s inability to love oneself wholly, because that’s how we are all brought up in the society.

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BTS, isn’t just some phenomenon that’s hit the world suddenly, they’ve always been different and diverse when it came to reflect their pov of the world and the society at large through their songs and music. From writing their own songs to also partly or wholly producing them- Bangtan is a breath of fresh air to youth and all the generations above and below.

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