BTS unwraps further on their Winter Package 2021 through more preview cut photoshoot, Fans can’t stop gushing over their mysterious fashion look

Kiona Rosh
·2-min read

When we talk about the winter package we have only one word in our minds and that is BTS. As the boys have recently released their winter package 2021, let us talk about how they have fashioned their winter clothing impacting the hearts of people.

1. Jimin

Jimin looks like a supermodel appearing in a Saint Laurent double-breasted peacoat and black pants. Along with that he also had accessories like Chanel earrings and a gold spider ring which makes him look quite astonishing.

2. Rm

Rm appears to be wearing a black belted double-breasted woollen jacket along with a black t-shirt. Posing with the support of the rock Rm does manage to look like a classic prince.

3. Jin

Jin is showing off his glamour by wearing a brown coloured trench coat from instantfunk. He does look adorable as he leans himself on the rocks

4. Jungkook

Jungkook gives us a different warmth just by looking at him. Appearing in a completely black outfit that includes a blazer a t-shirt and pants. Looking at his mesmerising pose makes us feel like he is in some deep thoughts.

5. V

The dashing and handsome V makes his appearance in the winter collection sporting a greenish-blue coloured trench coat from intantfunk. Getting kissed by the brightness of the sun against the cold breeze V does look like a fetching devil getting angelic blessings.

6. Suga

It appears as if among the BTS group, Suga would be the most comfortable and warm in his choice of clothing. Wearing an overcoat on a t-shirt and jeans and everything is black makes him all Mr Ladiesman. Fashioning it with long boots and earnings it’s just the perfect touch.

7. J-Hope

J-Hope is just a typical swagger and showing his talent in his clothing sense. Wearing a Cool black woollen jacket over a black turtleneck with black jeans and finishing it off with a nice woollen scarf, Now that’s something anyone would love to wear in the winter.