BTS V: ARMYs All Over Are Ready To Welcome BTS Kim Taehyung’s B’day In THIS Special Way!

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ARMY across the world is excited to celebrate BTS V’s birthday. Any BTS members’ birthday is no less than a festivity for the ARMY. And BTS ‘ Kim Taehyung is the most handsome amongst all. His fashion sense is also phenomenal. V will be celebrating his birthday on December 30 which is just a few days away.

We can get the vibes of his birthday coming soon by the preparations of the ARMY. V’s aficionados are going to make donations and perform charitable works in his name. From making donations towards the relief funds of Beirut blasts to establishing an elementary school under Taehyung’s name, the fandom has all our praises.

According to the reports, Taehyung’s fanbase in Vietnam has donated 1230 notebooks and 1,230,000 Vietnamese Dong (55 USD) in cash to a shelter housing orphans and displaced children. Even more, They have also awarded ten scholarships worth 3,012,000 VND (130 USD) to students of Le Quy Don Primary School facing hardships and struggle in their lives. 

The fan group on their Twitter account wrote, “TAEHYUNG BIRTHDAY PROJECT Inspired by Taehyung’s warm heart for children and with the aim of spreading his positive influence to everyone.Fanbase VN implementing 2 volunteer projects to help children in difficult circumstances and orphans on the occasion of Taehyung’s birthday.” 

AllKPop has reported, fansite VisionOfLove_95 revealed forming a music academy in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous, China, by Taehyung’s name ahead of his 26th birthday. The fan account shared pictures on Twitter and shared the intention to open the school/class was to help provide a place for aspiring singers and musicians to enhance their talent. 

Talking about plans of the Indian BTS ARMY they have jointly raised the funds for Jin and V’s birthday. They are raising the fund for Naz Foundation which works in the area of health primarily on HIV-AIDS. The donation has started from 25th November to 27th December.

Meanwhile, While Kim Taehyung has confessed that he has no birthday plans. Appearing on the red carpet of the 2020 KBS Gayo Daechukje, Tae Tae said all he wishes is to see the ARMY which shows how much he misses his fandom.