BTS V Fans Have CamE Up Adopted A European Wolf In Occasion Of Celebrating His Upcoming Birthday

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BTS ARMY’s came up with new ideas to show their love for the members and this year.

This year ARMY came up with something unexpected for V’s upcoming birthday that is on the 30th of December. Fans have adopted a European Wolf through the WOLF WATCH UK organization.

Wolf Watch UK is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, welfare, and conservation of displaced wolves from captive situations across Europe. Aiming to set the standard for the care of captive wolves, and provide them with a close to the natural habitat as is possible. Whist providing the opportunity to study, educate, and offer factual information to our visitors, allowing them to form their own opinions regarding this magnificent animal, and hopefully expel some of the myths and misconceptions that still exist around them.

The TaeProjects, posted a tweet sharing the news with their followers. The wolf’s name is Anja.

BTS ARMY’s creative thoughts are really incredible!!