BTS V Looks Beyond Million Bugs While Getting His Fake Tattoos Done For On MV

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BTS’ Kinetic Manifesto Film came with Prima MV for Map of the Soul: 7’s powerful lead single On which had plenty of moments and left us infatuated.

In one of those moments BTS V’s sexy tattoos made ARMY’s crazy. His face had the words ‘The Shadow Like Me’ written on it, the left side of Taehyung’s collar bone had a ‘crackling surface’ painted over it.

In the latest Bangtan Bomb, you got to see V is getting the tattoos done while sitting on the makeup chair, adorning a midnight blue robe which left his collar bones on display with messy hairs and piercing eyes which made V truly look Ethernal.

It was revealed that it was V’s idea to bring the concept of tattoos for the impactful music video.

Moreover, during the short, we get to hear BTS’ single Home playing in the background before the video shows us that V was jamming to Austin P. McKenzie’s soulful track Crazy Beautiful.