BTS Winter Package 2021: Giving Us Dreamy Vibes Straight Out Of An Anime, Winter Has Never Been Nailed More Accurately!

Kiona Rosh
·2-min read

Recently, BTS released the preview for their 2021 BTS WINTER PACKAGE which showed their winter collection. So today we have for you the brief review about the video showing the new styles of Jimin and Junkooks new styles.

The video shows return of Jimin‘s furry hat and fans find his hat to look similar to the Lion’s Mane mushroom, with its fluffy texture.

We first witnessed Jimin’s furry hat when he had first found it at the beginning of filming in Helsinki!

After receiving all lot of upvotes and positive replies Jimin decides to wear the hat while returning to Korea.

Some of the comments are given below.

As he had brought the hat in between of the shoot it was sad for the fans as they did not witness any pics with the hat, but that wish was also fulfilled as this hat was featured in 2021. Besides the hat what was new with Jimin was that he had changed his hair colour. The blue-grey colour combination just gives a pleasant and adorable look from Jimim

On the other hand we a huge change in Junkook. Us as fans knew he was growing out his hair, his hairstylist just added the cherry on the top as his aura is just changed by his new looks.

Fans went crazy over two of Jungkook’s hairstyles, One showing a comeback of the gold beloved long hair, with a small twist of being in a mullet form. The other is a revival of his famous waves, this time elevated it with electric blue highlights. Talking about the way his long hairs was portrayed by him holding burning matchstick with such precision showed the fan the warmth and the brightness he provides being a part of the group

Most of his fans felt that with this hair he was looking like an actor. Some fans also documented this as another legendary look for Jungkook.
And not to forget we still haven’t fully recovered from Jungkook’s recent blonde selfies!

BTS also took it to Twitter to post some of their highlight cuts from the winter package 2021:

If you haven’t seen the preview of the video: