Fears for kangaroo that may have had bucket stuck on its head for five months

It is believed the roo has its head stuck in a storm water pit box. Source: Facebook/Noosa Community Notice Board

A desperate search is underway to catch a kangaroo on the loose with its head stuck inside a bucket.

In an appeal posted to the Noosa Community Notice Board Facebook page in Queensland, William Watson said the sub-adult, eastern grey kangaroo had got its head stuck in what appeared to be a storm water pit box.

“He and his mob are from the opposite side of Lake McDonald on Lake McDonald drive,” he said.

“We have not yet been successful in capturing Bucket Head to remove the box, as he is constantly on the move.

“He is being followed by foxes and not being accepted by his mob or any others through his travels.”

It is believed the kangaroo is still managing to eat and drink as Mr Watson said the marsupial was first reported with the bucket five months ago.

“... then nothing for a few months,” he said.

“We thought he may have got the box off or may have sadly passed away.”

People with dart gun permits are urged to come forward to help find Bucket Head. Source: Facebook/Noosa Community Notice Board

“A few days ago we were almost able to get him but once again he went into dense bushland near the Lions Park along Cooroy Noosa Rd, near Swift Drive, where he managed to cross Cooroy Noosa Rd before we could get around to him.

“PLEASE keep a look out for Bucket Head in and around the properties along Cooroy Noosa Rd near the Lions Park area and report any sighting to your local wildlife group.”

Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast founder Claire Smith told the Sunshine Coast Daily they would need to sedate the kangaroo in order to remove the bucket.

Bucket Head was first spotted on the Sunshine Coast about five months ago. Source: Facebook/Noosa Community Notice Board

“Kangaroos are wild animals, you can’t just go up to them and take a bucket off its head,” she said.

“It will have to be in an unconscious condition in order to remove it.”

She urges people who see Bucket Head not to approach the marsupial and asked for anybody with a dart gun permit to come forward to help save the kangaroo.

“If they can be available on a weekend period perhaps where they can track this animal, please help so we can get the bucket off,” she said.

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