Buddhadev Mangaldas - The Man made his voyage worth capturing

We have a long list of some verily eminent sports luminary. They have achieved a lot in their life that encourages and impels us. Some sports have a huge fan following like cricket, One of the most exhilarating sport in our country that has given remarkable players. One of the meritorious player is Buddhadev Mangaldas.

Buddhadev Mangaldas is a proficient cricket player, a fast blowing all rounder. He is a first class cricket player for Goa, India. Professionally being into sports, he has earned a lot. His list of accomplishments is quite impressive but the most accentuated achievement of all is 'The Biopic', Yes! His life events were so inspiring and worth capturing that a Movie named "Buddha.mov" was released worldwide based on his life story. It's really an virtuous honour because his movie was loved by huge audience and renowned publishers around the globe.

Apart from cricket, he is a very effervescent person. He loves to travel, diving and skiing are one of his favorite past time along with the love for luxurious cars. He is also an investor in opulence real estate but above all he is an ideal epitome for the youth of our country. He is prosperous because of his hard work and immense dedication. Thus, we wish him good luck for his future.