'Someone sack the designer': £2.5K Burberry coat ridiculed online

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Traditional tailoring meets contemporary streetwear in Burberry's new outfit. Photo: Instagram/burberry

If you had to stop and take a second look at the picture above to work out what the hell was actually going on, you are not alone.

And while it may shock you, yes this is one of the latest offerings in the world of ‘fashuuun’.

Designer brand Burberry sparked a furore online when it shared an image of this look from its latest Autumn/Winter 2019 collection to Instagram.

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“Unexpected Silhouettes,” the caption read alongside the image. “Traditional tailoring meets contemporary streetwear, in a modern outerwear shape created by Riccardo Tisci for #BurberryAutumnWinter19.”

However, the look, which retails for a cool £2,547 on Burberry’s website, didn’t gain much traction with the brand’s followers.

The coat retails for $4.7k! Photo: Burberry

Most labelled the look ‘horrible’, ‘outrageous’, and ‘shocking’, with some even demanding, ‘someone sack the designer’.

“Where is the fashion industry going?” one confused shopper asked.

And it didn’t stop there, with the comments section virtually blowing up with all sorts of uncomfortable comparisons.

“Looks like she took a crap in her jacket,” one person wrote.

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“It's like she had an accident and a friend loaned her a jacket to cover her butt,” another mused.

“Reminds me of the time in school when I got my period unexpectedly,” was a third comment.

There were some who tried to find the positives.

“Must be comfy to sit,” one person countered.

“Wow that’s really cool,” was a surprisingly not sarcastic comment.

“I thought you could put your legs through the jacket holes and turn it into a jumpsuit,” another person wondered.

But it was pretty much in vain. “Two for the price of one,” one person wrote, but not before adding, “these are dark times”.

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In all honestly, it has only one redeeming factor - the bottom jacket is detachable.

“The style is subverted with a detachable, reversible down-filled gilet,” the brand’s website reads.

And yet, we’re still not convinced. Sorry Burberry!

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