Burglary victim, 69, feigns heart attack in desperate bid to stop criminal

A 69-year-old woman feigned a heart attack while being burgled (Picture: Getty)

A 69-year-old woman who woke up to find a burglar in her bedroom feigned a heart attack in a bid to stop the criminal.

But instead of leaving, the man got her a glass of water and continued to burgle her home.

West Midlands Police said the woman was asleep at her home in Reservoir Passage, Wednesbury when the man burst into her bedroom at around 4.15am on Friday morning (August 2), demanding money and threatening her.

“At one point the 69-year-old was so frightened she feigned having a heart attack in a desperate bid to stop the burglar,” the force said.

“Instead he fetched a glass of water, and forced her to watch on as he burgled the family home.”

The man burst into the woman's home in Reservoir Passage, Wednesbury, at 4.15am on Friday (Picture: Google Maps)

The ordeal lasted around half an hour, police said, and the man fled just before 5am in the homeowner’s white Suzuki Swift, taking cash, phones, jewellery and alcohol.

The suspect is described as white, aged around 25, with a slim build and a Black Country accent.


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He was wearing black tracksuit bottoms with white stripes, a black jacket with red strings and white stripes on the sleeves.

The suspect is white, in his mid 20s, slim, and spoke with a Black Country accent.

He was wearing black tracksuit bottoms with white stripes and a black jacket, police said