Burj Khalifa's 3-minute-long birthday wish for BTS's V is grand!

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Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

30 Dec 2020: Burj Khalifa's 3-minute-long birthday wish for BTS's V is grand!

BTS's vocalist V aka Kim Taehyung celebrates his 25th birthday today.

Naturally, the BTS Army and other fans of the Korean pop band observed the day pompously.

But a wish from an unexpected corner surprised everyone, and that's none other than Burj Khalifa!

The wish from the tallest building in the world was grand but it happened yesterday due to time difference.

Wish: His self-composed track 'Winter Bear' was played in the backdrop

The tower exhibited a three-minute light-and-sound show playing Taehyung's track, Winter Bear.

This was followed by a dancing light show choreographed on the song.

China V Bar, his China-based fan club, had organized the ad.

This made V, who turns 26 as per Korean system, the second star after SRK and the first Korean personality to have his birthday celebrated by the building.

Fact: Wishing the birthday boy in an ostentatious way

Laurels: He's first among 100 Most Handsome Faces of K-Pop artists

However, that is not the only achievement V has had in days.

He grabbed the first position in the 100 Most Handsome Faces of K-Pop artists of 2020, but when it came to The Most Handsome Face of 2020, he came second.

Guess who dethroned him? World's biggest YouTube star, PewDiePie or Felix Kjellberg, as per a list released by TC Candler!

Search engine: Jungkook becomes top K-pop searched idol on Google

Another achievement for BTS has been its band member Jungkook, who has bagged the top spot in Google's search for top K-pop idols in 2020.

K-Pop Idol Charts tweeted their recent findings of the top 100 K-Pop celebrities who are currently popular.

The list puts Jungkook on the top spot, followed by V.

So, this year seems to have ended really well for V!

Data: Jungkook's average interest was 46, higher than V's 42

The group analyzed Google search result analytics to arrive at this outcome.

The most important parameter considered for this data representation was the interest about Jungkook over time.

In that graph, he averaged higher than close contenders V, Jimin, and Suga from BTS and Thai rapper Lisa from the K-pop band Blackpink.

Jungkook's average interest was 46, higher than V's score of 42.

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