From Cabbage Masks To Bird Beak Masks, Here Are 8 Masks That Will Make Your Eyes Pop Out

Devika Tripathi

Masks have become mandatory and new essential in the modern narrative. Till now, we thought masks were only worn by superheroes and Jim Carrey in the movie Mask but now masks have to be donned by all of us because of COVID-19 pandemic. The markets are flooded with masks and people have gone creative. A product as unassuming as a mask has not only forayed into the fashion sector but has had creative intervention too. So, let's talk about the most interesting protective masks ever.

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1. The Mask Using Cans And Bottles

Yes, you have the right to be astonished after seeing this mask, which was created by Brazilian fashion photographer, Marcio Rodrigues. This mask was crafted using boxes, bubble wrap, cans, tetra packs, and bottles in different hues. Well, clearly covers the whole face!

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2. The Case Of Painted Masks

Art makes the most mundane things interesting! So, be it is something as basic as an N95 mask and an artist will know how to give it an interesting perspective. So, the Palestinian artist, Dorgham Krakeh painted N95 masks in different hues. He gave these masks a designed effect and made it so street-style.

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3. Cabbage As A Face Mask

Cabbage leaves are not just meant to be used in salads. Well, they can be used as a mask too proved a Palestinian mother, who made protective masks using cabbage leaves that covers the entire face leaving eyes. So surreal!


4. Protect It With Copper

This mask is what we call jaw-dropping but it was made for fun and creativity by copper artist, Isaac Weston. With pipes and a big boiler-like structure, this mask totally amazed us and we thought it was absolutely creative.

Credit: Matthias Kretschmer

5. The Pop Culture-Inspired Masks

Art abandons us from the normality of life and artist Matthias Kretschmer made as many as 50 masks till now inspired by pop culture. Right from Batman's Joker mask to LGBT-inspired mask, he has offered so many distinctive masks.

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6. Magical Masks For Potterheads

A Harry Potter fan? We are too just like you and a Colorado-based artist, Stefanie Hook made a mask inspired by Marauder's Map in Harry Potter. The Marauder's Map in the book is basically a map, which shows the intricate hideaways and the current location of each person at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. So, when you wear this mask and breath, the mask reveals the Marauder's Map as in the books. Fascinating, isn't it?

Credit: Kennedy Jhon Gasper

7. A Very Jewel-Toned Mask

Fashion Designer, Kennedy Jhon Gasper has been making interesting masks inspired by the culture of Thailand. His jewel-toned mask, with red tones, intricate patterns, yellow tassels, and headgear is a masterpiece. However, the designer has made more masks like the steampunk mask.

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8. Of Birds And Masks

There was a 'Mask Fashion Week' in Lithuania, where the artists invited the residents to attend the event and beckoned them to have fun with masks - a new necessity. At the show, artist Severija Bruzaite wore a bird beak black-hued mask that was designed by designer Donatas Dubauskas.

So, which mask made your eyes go wide the most? Let us know that.

Cover Image: Severija Bruzaite

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