California fires: The scariest tweets from LA 'Skirball' blaze

Helen Coffey

Wildfires are raging through the Los Angeles area, with the latest inferno, named “Skirball fire”, having started early on Wednesday morning. Driven by 25mph winds, the blaze had covered 50 acres in a matter of hours causing mandatory evacuations in the Bel Air neighbourhood.

By the afternoon, the mayor had declared a state of emergency.

The fire spread so quickly due to dry brush accumulated after several years of drought in California.

LA locals shared their experiences over social media, tweeting terrifying pictures of the out of control blaze.

“I can't imagine the sheer bravery it must take to look at this horror and then head towards it,” tweeted Francis Maxwell. “Firefighters are real life superheroes man.”

Here are some of the scariest tweets from the Skirball fire.