California Man Wakes Up to Unexpected Snowfall and Deer on His Property

Brad West woke up on Thanksgiving morning to find his neighborhood blanketed with snow and a deer wandering around his property that borders the Santa Cruz mountains in Los Gatos, California.

West sent Storyful a video that shows a weather thermometer reading below 40 degrees, with snow scattered across the ground in the background.

West walks around the property for a few moments before a deer is clearly visible within the camera’s frame. The deer is down a slight hill from West, but spends a couple seconds looking directly at the camera before sauntering off in a different direction.

West starts to make clicking noises at the deer to get its attention again, which works, and causes the deer to turn back around and look at West, before wandering towards some brush as West veers the camera off to showcase more surrounding snowfall. Credit: Brad West via Storyful