The Catch-up: Murder victim, 16, 'banged on doors' for help

What happened?

A 16-year-old boy who was murdered in London banged on doors asking for help as three young men armed with machetes chased him down, according to witnesses. The teenager collapsed near the doorstep of a home in Camden at around 11pm on Monday. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The witnesses said the three men were “screaming and laughing” as they hunted him down.

‘Help me, help me, help me’

One witness described the terrifying scene. She said: "I was just in my room and all I heard was screaming and shouting. Through my bedroom window I could see everything. We just saw the three boys holding him. He said ‘help me, help me, help me’. He collapsed on the floor and then it was quiet.” Another bystander said the square where the attack took place has recently become a hotspot for drug-taking and groups of men regularly gather there.

The Met Police said a murder investigation had been launched and that inquiries into the circumstances were ongoing. No arrests have been made. The teenager is the 90th person to be murdered in London this year.

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