Camila Cabello's Fashion for Dates Prove She's Already Too Comfortable with Shawn Mendes

Nida Sayyed

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes have been everywhere. They have been making out everywhere, to be precise. While we get PDA overdose every other day, we can’t help but stare at Camila Cabello for her fashion. Her outfits have been fun and casual for every date with her new boo. While most of Camila’s ensembles are super flattering on her, some are debatable. Here is a rundown on her looks for her dates with Shawn Mendes. Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Can’t Stop Kissing; Her Ex Matthew Hussey Makes Video on ‘Pain’ and Moving On.

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Camila Cabello has always had her own style. She has never been a follower, always a trend-setter. Ever since her Fifth Harmony days with the bow accessorising her each look, to her dishevelled and messy hair right now; Camila has proved time and again, she’s got her own way to do things! But that doesn’t mean everything she wears is nice. Camila Cabello Finally Talks about Her Love Life with Shawn Mendes.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes made their first PDA packed appearance in Miami. The two went swimming, and Camila opted of a white monokini.

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Camila Cabello in White Monokini

While the swimwear is different looking and takes a different direction from all the swimwears with excessive knots, we can’t say it’s a nice pick. We just can’t! It might look like a fun element to add a knot in the front to connect with the back, it looks like a diaper. The material doesn’t help her, either. A see-through material is a different thing, but this one looks like a piece of cheap fabric.

Camila and Shawn were spotted on a stroll the day after his birthday. For this, she picked a beige lace crop top and capris and added a long cardigan. The yellow, chiffon cardigan with a floral print was the show. It makes us want to buy the same thing until we look at the edges of the piece.

Camila Cabello in Lace Crop Top and Floral Cardigan

The floral print and bright colour add a cute look to the cardigan, but the animal print ends have a contrasting look. Sexy and cute rarely go together. Similarly, the top is lace, and the pants are too dull for it. It would’ve been a banger if the individual pieces complimented each other.

The pair was spotted on a date in Montreal, and this turned into yet another make-out, cringe-fest. Camila picked a black tank top and paired it with camouflage leggings. This outfit is a classic.

Camila Cabello Takes a Stroll with Shawn Mendes

Black and camouflage will never go out of trend and will always look good. This was a total hit outfit.

Judging by their outfits, it looks like Shawn and Camila are already comfortable with each other. After all, they have been friends for years. Though we love how original Camila is when it comes to style, we’re not fans of her originality. However, she sure manages to rock everything.