I cannot do daily soap again, don’t like the content shown: Sharad Kelkar

Sharad Kelkar is playing a bad guy in upcoming web show Rangbaaz Phir Se. The actor talks about his role, industry, and his upcoming project Tanhaji and television.

Do you getting more offers after Family Man?

The way past two years I have worked it has changed things. People used to think he can play anti hero or antagonist because he is suitable for it. It was a perception. I call it easy casting as they know he can play the villain. As an actor I always wanted to break it. I am an actor and please don't typecast me in certain things. I don't fear that but then you can always get trapped in it. As a director you can think beyond that. People will get to see something new and you will also find new actor. After Family Man, people's perception has changed and I am getting different offers which you will see in the next year. Many of them of positive roles and I got a chance to break that image which I got with Family Man.

But in Rangbaaz you are again doing negative role…

I have to do some roles here and there because then I need to earn money as well. I know the entire unit as I have worked with Nishikant Kamath. He is like my mentor I have done two films with him. I share a good relationship with him and it is a same team which is working on this project. So I was sure that whatever role I will do they will present it well. In every story there are two important characters that are hero and villain. So if villain is not strong then hero can't be strong and J.P sir gave a chance to me to play hero. You have to pick one of them. Everyone wants to play lead because you become habitual to it. I had played lead on television so I was confident that I can play lead. I got some projects in Marathi as a lead but when it comes to Hindi. So I am hoping some kind person will offer me a lead role and I will do it.

When you do TV, the story and characters get hit. People will come to me and call me by my screen name. Now Sharad Kelkar is known as better actor earlier I was just an actor. That tag better actor is good. I have not come here to be famous. I want to be a better actor because, fame has a time span. It is better to be good actor than famous actor.

Was there any pressure to play Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Tanhaji?

When director Om Raut called me and said that, you come to meet me. The studio was very close to my house. He told me he wants me to play Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. I said what? From where do in look like him. He wanted someone with good personality and great voice. I was still wondering whether I will be able to pull it off or not. Same day he we will do a look test. Make-up artiste Vikram Gaikwad was there. We took 45 minutes to get ready. After that look test I felt confident, it gave me a lot of energy that I can look like him. Om has researched on this film for so many years, he explains things very well. He remembers entire film and many other things. He kept talking about that era and once I was in that costume, I still don't understand that why people have felt so nice because I have not done anything different. But I think there is some super power which gives you energy. Nobody had any issues any of my shots. Most of my shots very finished on time. It just happened like that. I didn't take any extra efforts. Pressure comes when you are done with your work and trailer is about to release. But the kind of response I got is overwhelming. I never thought I will get so many positive comments for it.

What are your upcoming projects?

I have started shooting for Family Man 2 but it will launch in and around September next year. I am not allowed to speak about other projects. There is going to be a surprise which will come in May. Buy I am happy that things are moving after eight years of patience.

Would you like to do TV again?

I cannot do daily soap again, I have some film projects lined up and if those dates clash with my other shoot then I won’t be able to do justice with all of them. Television people have to work for long hours and then they will be in trouble if I don’t give them enough time. Weekly shows are not being made; in between some channel made them I did it. So that space is taken by web shows I think. I can manage with web show and films but television, I can’t do. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like TV. I also don’t like the content which is being shown, it is my personal choice. If you are playing a lead in shows then you have to give more than 10-15 days to them which I can’t do. I have also written few scripts and pitched it to channel and production house but have not got approval for it. I have written one love story, one of them is a thriller, and one is an action story

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