Cardi B Apologises for Appropriating Goddess Durga on Footwear Magazine Cover

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Cardi B has apologised for posing as Goddess Durga with shoes in her hands while promoting a footwear brand. The 28-year-old rapper recently appeared on the cover of Footwear News magazine as a promotion for her first line of sneakers called the 'Club C Cardi sneaker' collection. In the cover photo, Cardi holds a shoe while multiple arms stretched out around her from her shoulders.

The outlet reportedly suggested on Instagram that the star was paying "homage" to the Hindu goddess Durga, comparable to the rapper because she "is a dominant female voice at a critical time." Quite expectedly, the advertisement enraged many social media users in India who panned the rapper for allegedly causing disrespect to the Hindu religion.

"Cardi b did not pay 'homage' to the Hindu goddess Durga by holding a shoe in her hand, this is plain disrespect and in no way cultural appreciation. She can’t getaway [sic] with this without addressing and apologizing for mocking our culture," said a critic on Twitter.

"Cardi B using Durga Maa to sell trainers?? When are people gonna realise our gods and goddesses aren’t there to be mimicked," said another.

The WAP hitmaker took to Instagram on Wednesday to apologize, sharing a video message on her Instagram story. "When I did the Reebok shoot, the creative [team] was telling me, 'You're gonna represent a goddess,' that she represents strength, femininity and liberation. That's something that I love and I'm all about and I thought it was dope. But if people, I'm offending their culture or their religion, I want to say I'm sorry, that was not my intent."

"I wasn't trying to be disrespectful, maybe I should've done my research and I'm sorry. I'm gonna do more research for the future," Cardi concluded.