'Stick to rapping': Cardi B faces backlash for political Instagram post

Hours after Cardi B took to Instagram live to stream a rant about President Donald Trump, in which she accused him of ignoring police brutality against people of color, the “Money” rapper put another political post on her social media feed to encourage influencers to talk about the upcoming election.

In a video posted to her Instagram on Sunday, the mother and former stripper called on “bloggers, YouTubers and influencers” to get the youth involved in politics prior to the 2020 election.

“We have the power to influence our youth to get educated when it comes to our democratic candidates,” Cardi began. “We get distracted with people putting Trump on blast, like CNN constantly putting Trump on blast and the illegal shit that he has been committing in this country because he puts things on Twitter that distract us from all the bullshit that he actually be doing.”

The 26-year-old then pleaded that people stop bringing more attention to Trump and his administration, and instead shed light on other presidential candidates.

“Instead of us posting the little b******* that [Trump] be posting on Twitter, why don’t we post every single day these positive things that these democratic candidates want to do for our country,” Cardi said. “This man has a big chance of winning in 2020 and we could change that.”

Cardi received a ton of responses from followers new and old, including those who chose to support her decision to use her platform to speak up about her political views.

“That’s the way to use your platform...these rappers don’t know the power of influence they have to create change!!! Be bigger than just music!!!! Use that platform to educate!!” one person wrote.

Another noted, “Woke Cardi is my favorite Cardi.”

But the Grammy winner also received a lot of pushback from people who suggested that Cardi stick to doing what she’s famous for.

“You need to stick to rapping sis you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about,” someone commented, while another said, “Stick to stripping!”

“Please educate yourself on the political side,” a commenter wrote. “Not the media propaganda. The actual political side of all of this.”

Still, a fan defended Cardi’s activism and wrote, “Just because she raps doesn't mean she can't have an opinion about politics.” And if Cardi’s increasingly political social media feed — where she’s posted in support of Bernie Sanders and in defense of Rep. Ilhan Omar — is any indication, she’ll likely continue to share those opinions.

“Cardi for president,” a supporter concluded.

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