Carlo Parodi Proves Emotion Integrally Associated With Business

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Born in Italy and now living in the UK, the multi-talented entrepreneur Carlo Parodi is a marked departure from others in the business as he strongly believes more in emotions than result while others concentrate mainly on profit.

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This is what makes Carlo different from others. Practically speaking, he has opened up a new vista in business with his unique humanism of emotions first and then results. This is one of the reasons why his business vision has been appreciated by the people the world over.

Since this marked departure from the traditional ways of businessmen makes us curious, Carlo himself has taken extra miles to solve it. According to Carlo, since his childhood, he had been inclined to emotions as his upbringing took place in a very cohesive-compassionate family relationship. Besides, he had a strong education.

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Combining together, his character too was built in that way in which human sentiments and emotions played dominant roles. He blended it with his business ethics.

Engaged in different business projects in different fields, Carlo works towards innovation and a new product mix that benefit their consumers and buyers immensely. His business experience has taught him to grab an opportunity and cash upon it by making it productive.

What is most noteworthy, Carlo personalizes his products with creativity and innovativeness that suit the need of his customers. He also has the copyright of the brand called “Casanova.” The name of the brand refers to legendary lover Giacomo Casanova. Interestingly, Carlo is a great fan of Casanova.

Carlo is the founder of Giacomo Casanova Ltd. Here, it is interesting to say that Carlo also created the “Casanova Museum & Experience” in Venice. He took only three months to create it in Venice. He inaugurated the museum to the world on the birthday of Giacomo Casanova.

He also founded and created the one&only Foundation Giacomo Casanova, Carlo appointed local authorities, history professors, and 18th-century experts on Casanova and contemporary Italy.

On looking at his success as an entrepreneur, we find that Carlo never had a second thought in venturing into a new business if he found it suitable to his temperament and taste.

He has also sprawled into a project which is the new branded underwear collection for men uniquely styled as Giacomo Casanova Style, The new style to underwear. Casanova Prosecco is one more branch of his business empire which is famous worldwide for its made in Italy sparkling champagne and Prosecco products.