Carrie Fisher was inspirational, saw the funny side of everything: James Blunt

Los Angeles, Nov 17 (PTI) Singer James Blunt says he was lucky to know 'incredibly inspirational' Carrie Fisher .

The 45-year-old singer was close friends with the late 'Star Wars' actor, who passed away in 2016, and even stayed with her while he was recording his albums in Los Angeles.

''The world is a sadder place without her. I lived with her in Los Angeles recording most of my albums, and whenever I've been in America, in LA, that has been my home. She's godmother to my child, she helped me name 'Back to Bedlam' because her house was a mad house. I recorded 'Goodbye My Lover' in her bathroom.

''And she was an incredibly inspirational, creative human being, who saw the funny side of everything. She was more fragile than I think people knew, but I was very lucky to know her,' Blunt told People Now.

The singer recalled breaking down in front of Fisher's house on his latest visit to LA.

''I had an amazing moment going back to Los Angeles last time to do this album, and I was staying in a hotel because obviously I'm homeless now, I can't stay with her... So I drove up to her gate, and I put my hand on her gate and I immediately started crying. I was say 'Oh god Carrie, I miss you so much.' And as I did that, three StarMap vans, who drive tourists to various celebrity's houses pulled up beside.

''And I heard on the intercom, 'And on your left, you'll see the late great Carrie Fisher's house, and you'll see some fans are still deeply moved by her passing'. I was that fan. I think she would have enjoyed the irony,' he said. PTI SHDSHD