Casanova MV: Tiger Shroff Living His Dream Of Singing & Dancing Together Smoothly As A Butter Continues

Ruchita Ushakola
·2-min read

Tiger Shroff’s first-ever single in which he made his dream come true of singing and dancing together in a video through ‘Unbelievable’, which went on charts of Billboard Top Thriller Global.

And now his dream continues with the second single titled ‘Casanova’, directed by Punit Malhotra released on his own brand-new YouTube channel. Singing by himself and music is given by Avitesh Shrivastava.

In the video, Tiger is a guy who earlier was a casanova then later turned into a monogamous guy when he got his eyes onto a certain girl. His vocals and dancing moves are going so smoothly like butter that it definitely reminds us of great legendary artist Michael Jackson. Sometimes Tiger dressing in all black or else in all white gives us nostalgic feels.

Flaunting off his bare chest and sharpy abs have set another high bar of temperature in the music video. Those visuals and set of the song in the video is so beautifully created.

Full song link below:

Can make sure how his fans must be going crazy in the while, as you make you know all that hashtag Casanova is still trending on the internet.

Let’s have a look at the reactions below: