How Casey Barnette Coaches Others To Lead a Healthy Lifestyle Through TheCaseyTrain

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Casey Barnette owns and manages TheCaseyTrain, an Online Health Coaching Platform. He has spent six years in the health industry changing lives and building brands. His journey with TheCaseyTrain started in 2018 when he began a platform for health coaching, and selling workout apparel and equipment.

As an extension of his business, Casey is also the owner of Eminent Nutrition, a new and growing sports supplement brand. Health and fitness changed his life. “Once I gained control of my body, it began to reflect in all areas of my life. The discipline, structure, mindset, consistency day in and day out. I thrive off of self improvement.” What started as a side-hustle quickly became his passion as he wanted others to experience the same transformation he has.

From his humble beginnings, Casey balanced working a full-time job and being a full-time college student. His love for the health industry was born from working in supplement retail stores as an hourly employee. As he advanced to multi-unit management, he gained the experience he needed to develop his own brand. When he transitioned to business owner, Casey faced many challenges.

But one thing remained true: he was always committed to his vision. When he encountered obstacles, he learned to adapt, innovate, and improve his business. Every aspect and moving part earned consistent attention to detail.

His passion for health moved Casey to ensure the highest level of performance for his Eminent Nutrition products. That’s why his supplements are manufactured in the United States in an FDA registered and GMP certified facility with the most proven and innovative ingredients on the market. “The brand stands true to my core values of transparency, integrity, and ethics to ensure eminent quality.” These same values are present with each client interaction. He turns his client’s journey into an investment as he provides healthy habits, structure, and accountability to set them up for success.

Casey’s advice for others starting a business is simple: don’t quit. “No matter how hard it gets, do not quit. Every obstacle is only an opportunity to learn and grow. Once you adopt the mindset that everything is happening for you, you’ll never fail.” Being an entrepreneur is the largest investment of your time, energy, and finances you’ll ever make. It’s a beast that always needs to be fed. When you experience fear, recognize it as an avenue for growth. Face it and learn to master it. You will find yourself stronger for facing your fears, rather than running from them.

Financial freedom means “everybody eats.” Casey has the ability to provide for himself, his family, and everyone who believes in him. Success is happiness in all aspects of his life. His loving family, support system, impact of the business, and financial freedom make him a success. Overcoming self-doubt has been his biggest obstacle. Because he believed in his vision and had the support of his loved ones, his self-doubt became self-confidence.

By staying focused on his mission, and letting God lead the way, TheCaseyTrain has built a community that serves as a testimony that he is living his purpose. Casey is eager to expand TheCaseyTrain as a coaching platform and change more lives through one-on-one guidance. As part of his plans for growth, he aims to increase the scale of proper supplementation through Eminent Nutrition.

As the first entrepreneur in the family, Casey overcame many challenges pushing through what society deems as the “normal” path. Choosing the courage to follow his dreams is a legacy he hopes will resonate with others.