CashKaro Co-Founders make working with your partner, look like a party!


CashKaro Co-Founders make working with your partner, look like a party!

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, we bring to you an interview with CashKaro’s Co-Founder Swati Bhargava who is the perfect example for the saying “Couples that Slay Together Stay Together”. In this exclusive Interview with Yahoo Style, Swati talks about how she met her husband and now Co-Founder Rohan Bhargava, their chemistry at work and in their personal space and also tells us about their brainchild,, which they successfully run together.

1. How did you both meet and start going out?

Rohan & I first met at the London School of Economics. He was one year my senior, but because we were a part of the same college clique we used to meet each other frequently. Our group often used to assemble at Rohan’s apartment to eat the delicious food he used to make. This was a luxury we looked forward to being away from home. He soon became my best friend and has been a constant pillar of support not just through college but even today. Soon after I completed my studies, I had started working at Goldman Sachs. Every now and then my family would casually introduce me to “Eligible Bachelors”. Whenever I met one of them, my thoughts always went back to Rohan. Soon, we both realized how much we liked each other and that’s when we decided to officially date. Rohan with his inherent kindness was able to charm my family and within a few years of dating we took the plunge and got married!

2. Tell us about your venture CashKaro?

CashKaro is India’s Largest Cashback & Coupons Site – the ultimate savings destination for savvy online shoppers. It’s extremely simple to use as well. You just sign-into the CashKaro App or website and find the eCommerce retailer you want to shop at. Take Myntra for example: You just click a button on the CashKaro app or website, and you’ll be redirected to Myntra’s site. Now shop at Myntra like you always do and you’ll get extra Cashback from CashKaro on top of all discounts & offers.

CashKaro users can shop for anything across all popular sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Swiggy, Dominos and 1,500+ others. The best part is that CashKaro Cashback is real money that you can transfer to your bank account or redeem as Amazon or Flipkart gift vouchers. A regular CashKaro user earns anywhere between Rs. 15,000 – 25,000 per year as Cashback, while those who shop at lot via CashKaro can earn the same amount in a month.

3. What is it like to be working with your spouse and how do you manage to keep both equations independent of each other?

For me Rohan is an absolute role model, be it as my business partner or as a life partner. The energy and positivity he exudes are truly infectious. He is an exemplary leader in every sense and I cannot imagine running CashKaro without him. We are often asked whether it is challenging to run a business with your spouse but personally speaking, in our case it comes quite naturally. In fact, seeing how hardworking and compassionate Rohan is as an individual, has made me respect and cherish him even more. Working together has also helped me discover a different side of him that I may have never known otherwise. It’s now been close to a decade of working together and it is getting better every year.

4. How do you complement each other at work and in your personal life?

While we share a lot of responsibilities, Rohan and I have clearly defined roles at work. These are things that are naturally best suited to our individual skill sets. I handle Investor Relations, Brand Partnerships/Alliances, Marketing and PR. Rohan on the other hand is closely involved in Operations, Technology, Product Development and with the Marketing teams at CashKaro. He also spearheads operational aspects of the business. He has a natural aptitude for technology and dives deep into it at every given opportunity. Our complementary skill sets make us a great team. Outside of work, Rohan lets his fun and quirky side show. Whenever I ask him to take a picture with me, he always makes these funny faces which make me laugh out loud. Just like he finds different ways to cheer me up, I try to do the same for him. I feel, the two of us are like Ying & Yang – always balancing out each other’s moods & personalities.

5. What tip(s) would you like to give to other couples looking to start a business together?

I’d say whatever it is that drives your relationship will also help lay the foundation of your professional equation. Don’t try too hard to control your professional relationship and let things flow naturally. Focus on each other’s strengths and help each other overcome any shortcomings you may see. Remember that your relationship is deeper than that of just business partners and derive strength from it. You have the kind of trust, bond and understanding that come from years of knowing each other. It is a blessing to be able to work with your spouse and it will become, what you make of it.

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