Cat named 'Cat' rescued after being trapped inside disused chimney for six days

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
A cat cheekily named 'Cat' was rescued from inside a disused chimney after being trapped for nearly a week (SWNS)

A curious cat was rescued from a disused chimney after being trapped inside the structure for six days.

Jenny and David Williams , from Ilfracombe in Devon, heard a mysterious scratching from behind one of the walls of their business premises.

The couple, who run AD Williams funeral directors heard a meow - and realised a cat was stuck in the disused chimney.

The stricken feline was discovered after Jenny and David Williams heard a mysterious scratching (SWNS)

The concerned pair called in rescuers from North Devon Animal Ambulance (NDAA) and Metro Rod, who launched an impressive joint rescue.

Using Metro Rod's specialist equipment, they were able to locate the cat and saw two eye's shining out of the darkness.

They then used the same rod to tease the cat out of the chimney where it eventually found freedom.

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Dave Tafner, operations manager at Metro Rod, said: "We could not refuse when someone comes with a story like that.

"It touched the heart strings, so the least we could do was send somebody up there.

"The camera got quite close to the animal and there is some footage of it playing with the camera lens and building up a bit of confidence to take the plunge and realise it could come down."

Rescuers from North Devon Animal Ambulance and Metro Rod managed to bring the cat to freedom (SWNS)

Jenny said that she had since met with the grateful owners of the missing cat who, cheekily, is named Cat.

Following the ordeal, Cat currently being cared for at the NDAA clinic in Barnstaple.

Diana, from North Devon Animal Ambulance, said: "The daily news is full of horror and stories of inhumanity but the endless individual acts of kindness seem to receive little or no acknowledgement.

Cat is currently being cared for at the North Devon Animal Ambulance clinic following the ordeal (SWNS)

"In this case a number of people gave their time and expertise to help a cat.

"It could have been an abused child, a homeless person or someone who fell in the street.

"The fact is that we should all be grateful that we still live in a country where ordinary citizens care enough to put their lives on hold to do something that will improve another life."