'Caught Red-handed': This Man's 'Interrogation' of Locust is the Funniest Thing in Face of Crisis

If anything 2020 has taught us, it is keeping the funny bone intact even in times of crisis. A pandemic, falling economy, cyclone, tension on border with China, and now the locust attack, this year is simply refusing to clam down.

Photos and videos of locust swarms over farm lands and terraces look alarming, but this video of a locust being 'caught and interrogated' will make you laugh.

A Twitter user shared the video of a man holding a locust in his hand and 'questioning' it over its motto behind entering India.

"A Locust caught red handed in India. The LIU ( Local Investigation Unit ) is investigating the case. Hope soon the conspiracy behind the attack would be unearthed. Bolega , jald bolega sab raaz uglega ! (sic)," read the post which has been viewed over 49,000 times and has received over 3,000 likes within 24 hours of being uploaded on the micro-blogging website.

India is witnessing one of the biggest swarms of desert locusts in over 20 years. Swarms have not stopped entering into India from Pakistan, where they have bred in large numbers.

The Centre said it has stepped up efforts to control the spread of swarms of locust in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh, and will soon deploy drones to spray pesticides to avert the migratory pests.