CBS pulls plug on Michael Urie, Becki Newton's comedy pilot 'Fun'

Los Angeles, May 6 (PTI) Comedy pilot 'Fun', featuring 'Ugly Betty' stars Michael Urie and Becki Newton, will not be moving ahead on CBS, the network has announced.

The show, which hailed from '2 Broke Girls' co-creator Michael Patrick King, had a pilot production commitment, reported Deadline.

The decision was invoked using a force majeure contract provision, a clause cited when unforeseeable circumstances prevent someone from fulfilling a contract, allowing the network not to pay penalties.

'Fun' would have seen Urie and Newton as brother-sister duo who run a funeral home and who always encourage each other to have fun under all circumstances. As they say in their family: 'You can't spell funeral without f-u-n.' What would have been a multi-camera show, 'Fun' was written by Tracy Poust and Jon Kinnally. PTI RDS RB RB