CCTV Captures Parish Priest Vandalising a Maruti Suzuki Baleno in Kerala - Watch Video

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A CCTV footage of a priest in Kerala vandalizing a car has surfaced, which is bound to come off as a common sight on the roads of India. In the video, the priest can be seen getting out of his car, and intentionally scratching a parked car.

The Parish priest was in another car on the narrow road, which also had the Maruti Baleno parked. Due to constriction, while passing the red Maruti Baleno, the priest’s car gets rubbed against the parked one, leading to a scratch on the priest’s car.

Enraged by this, the priest can be seen getting out of the car and looking for something. Once he picks up a stone, he goes up to the red car and scratches the bonnet of the vehicle.

The entire episode was captured by a nearby CCTV and it can be hoped that Kerala authorities won’t face difficulties in getting hold of the priest.

The incident has raised some important questions; as such cases of road rage are frequently seen on Indian roads. Sometimes it is jealous passersby, while other times it is people, who just want to get the kick of destroying someone’s vehicle, intentionally cause a dent or scratch, reported.

While such a mentality cannot be moulded completely, the only way to avoid one’s vehicle from being vandalized is to get secure parking at all times.

Installing car dash cameras at the front and rear can enable some safety as it will help you trace the perpetrators. One can also install a car security alarm that sounds a loud alarm every time someone tries to fiddle with the car.