Celeb bookshelf: International pop sensation RIKA is a fan of thrillers

Escape mechanism

I started reading seriously probably in high school. It was a nice way to escape the life of a student for a couple of hours. A group of my friends and I would read a book overnight and talk about it all week!

Thrill seeker

My favourite book is The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. It is really a great read as are the others in the Robert Langdon series. I had fun reading those as I love the thriller genre. It’s so exhilarating to read a thriller and a very hard-to-put-down book like The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl. Amongst authors, I love Suzanne Collins as her books are accessible to all ages; teens and adults both can enjoy her stories.

Reading time

Whenever I fly somewhere I always take the time to check out the airport bookstore and see if I can pick something to read while abroad...comes in handy when it’s a long seven-eight hour flight. In a month I try to finish at least two books. I like to re-read pages to make sure I don’t miss any vital information.

Book recommendations

Well, I get them online or from friends.

E-book or physical copy

Definitely physical books. E-books hurt your eyes because you are staring at the screen for a long time — might as well watch TV.

Currently reading

The Great Gatsby.

Bookish memory

We celebrated World Book Day in school years ago and I went dressed as Hermione Granger because I was obsessed with the Harry Potter series at that time.

I love...

Romantic book adaptations and my favourites are The Fault In Our Stars, The Notebook and Paper Towns.

I wish...

I was a part of the film The Da Vinci Code because it is my favourite book.

Not picky...

I am not fussy about books being made into films as long as they accurately represent them and don’t take away from the essence of the book. Otherwise there is no point in adapting a book into a film.

I haven’t read...

Jane Eyre. I always say I have read it but I don’t know what happens in the book at all!

Must reads

I would say read books which have been adapted into a film, because it is always said that the book is better than the movie!